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Information Everyone Should Know About CECs


For information about CPC from the AANA click here.


As of August, 2016, CRNAs began a new re-certification process developed by the National Board of Certification and Re-certification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA). The Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Program consists of these components, each required every four years:

Class A Requirements

Class A CECs require prior approval and assessment. CRNAs are required to have 60 Class A assessed credits during each four-year CPC cycle. Class A CECs not applied toward the Class A requirement can be applied toward the Class B requirement.

Class B Requirements

Class B credits do not require prior approval or an assessment. CRNAs are required to have 40 Class B credits during each four-year CPC cycle. Class A CECs can be applied toward the Class B requirement and can be used to fulfill the entire Class B requirement.

Core Modules

Completion of four core modules are required during each four-year CPC cycle. Modules are optional during the first four-year CPC cycle. Core modules must be prior approved, assessed CE and provide Class A credit. Each of the four modules (airway management techniques, applied clinical pharmacology, human physiology and pathophysiology, and anesthesia equipment & technology) must include a formal assessment to complete (e.g. multiple-choice questions).

CPC Examination

CRNAs must take the CPC examination every eight years. The first CPC exam (mandatory by 2024 or 2025 depending on re-certification cycle) will be used to familiarize CRNAs with the exam content/format and will not impact certification. The second CPC exam (mandatory by 2032 or 2033 depending on re-certification cycle) must be passed in order to re-certify.

Recent News (as of Sept. 2019)

Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Assessment

The CPC Assessment will assess knowledge in the four core domains of nurse anesthesia practice. Nurse anesthetists will take a CPC Assessment once every 8-year CPC Program period.

Currently certified nurse anesthetists will take the first CPC Assessment either in the 2020-2024 or 2021-2025 CPC cycle, depending on the individual’s certification schedule. The first CPC Assessment will be measured against a performance standard. The first assessment (offered between 2020 and 2025) will have no impact on certification status with successful completion of additional CE in areas where the performance standard is not met.

To assist nurse anesthetists in preparing for the CPC Assessment, the NBCRNA has developed a Practice assessment known as CPCA Practice.

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