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CEUs to Last 4-Years,
Memories to Last 4-Ever!

Adventures at Beaches - Turks & Caicos

Nearly endless opportunities to explore new experiences in and around the resort! It's all-inclusive!

Nov. 4-8, 2019
Almost everything is FREE for our group.
There are extras you can buy (but you don’t need to).
While almost everything you could imagine is included at this all-inclusive resort,
there are still a few things you can add on like:
excursion tours, a private dining experience, and spa services.

But you don’t need them to enjoy yourself. You can have a fantastic time without adding anything!


Here's a Few Education Adventures for CRNAs "Insider" Tips!

All water sports are free. Water-sports, even snorkeling,
windsurfing, and water tricycles (yes, that’s a thing) are included
in your all-inclusive adventures!

Daily tennis clinics are included! And so are exercise classes.
We've tried tennis clinics, Zumba, water aerobics, Caribbean
dancing, and boot camp. They are all great!

All the equipment is included and any instruction that is needed.
Look for extras like hospitality boat cruises that are offered at
different times during the week. (And yes, they are included too!)

Don’t miss the Junkanoo parade. This is not just something for the
kids. There’s dancing, music, and a fire-eater who does things you
just can’t believe!

Kid's Camp is for babies, too. Think that you have to hurry and
potty-train your two-year-old so he/she can go to the Kid's Camp?
Not so! There is a special villa designed for kids from newborn to four
years old. They even have their own fenced-in pool and play area
in the back!

Takeout is real. The food at Beaches Turks and Caicos is amazing.
But if you can’t finish your dinner or you want to eat in your room
or at the beach, just ask for a takeout box. We did this for
breakfast nearly every day and ate at the beach or in our room. We
even got dessert to go and enjoyed it in bed late that night.

Go for the Dirty Banana...or any of the delicious
Beaches Resorts! Honestly, we're not even sure what’s in this
drink. Rum and…well other things, we guess. All we know is that it
goes down smooth and sweet and the bartenders know to keep
them coming!

You can walk from bar to bar with a drink. No need to worry about
open container laws at Beaches, or about “stealing” the stemware!
If you didn’t finish your glass of wine with dinner, just take the
glass with you! And just so you know, no one is counting how
many drinks you have or how many times you enjoy the buffet.
They don’t care!

There are pools for every personality. Beaches Turks and Caicos
has six pools in all. There are active pools with dancing, music,
games, and tons of activities throughout the day. Both families and
couples can be seen enjoying them. The resort also has “quiet”
pools which are designed more for adults. However, all are
welcome everywhere!

Not all restaurants are open every day or at every meal. Make sure
you check operating hours of your favorites to plot out a dining
strategy. The Jerk Shack is only open for lunch but that should be
on your list!

Only one restaurant needs reservations. We recommend making
reservations for Kimonos, the Japanese steakhouse that comes
with a side of humor and impressive singing. Make reservations
early, perhaps even before arriving as the restaurant fills up fast!

You can scream for ice cream late into the night. Or early into the
morning, as the case may be. The little known fact is that the ice
cream parlor is open 11 a.m. to 6 a.m. It is a great place for late
night fix!

There are adult only areas. Like at all resorts, there are areas
where it doesn’t make sense to have kids. The spa is one of those
areas. If you are thinking you will see little three-year-olds pop up
during your facial, no worries!


(Optional experience - NOT part of all inclusive)

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