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CEUs to Last 4-Years,
Memories to Last 4-Ever!



Participants in this course will be instructed on:

  • Introduction and basics of ultrasonography
  • Medication and dosages for blocks
  • Supplies and equipment needed for blocks & IV access
  • Review of anatomy and key structures for each block
    • Axillary block
    • Interscalene block
    • Femoral/adductor canal block
    • Popliteal block
    • Transversus Adbominis Plane (TAP) block
    • Pectoralis and Serratus (PECs I & II) block
  • Hands on/live scan practice of blocks with live models
  • Hands on/live practice of needle manipulation with fresh models
  • Practical application for vascular access

Sunday, September 20, 2020 from 8am to 3pm at the Madeline Resort, Telluride, CO with a one-hour lunch break.

Course Instructors (click a name for bio):

Steve Meyer
Ken Thompson

Including Tips for Practice!

Avoid conscious / deep sedation with well executed ultrasound-guided nerve blocks

Gain, Depth, Probe selection, Scanning techniques, Needle localization

Approach nerves with in-plane and out-of-plane techniques

Proficient and appropriate use of ultrasound scanning techniques in identifying specific targets

Hands-on nerve scanning skills on live volunteers and hand-eye coordination and needling skills on anatomic specimens

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